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    I need to change my engines and am looking at all options.
    I am taking out the old Volvo engines and want to replace them with a single engine.
    Either a ford or a chev and an out drive to match. Also does anyone know if you can use a Ford Engine with a Volvo 280 out drive.
    27 ft.Bayliner. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
    Thanks Ernie.

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    best to ask on the A guy there 2850Bounty is a Volvo expert
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    I had a 351Ford with a 280 out drive in a Glastron. Most 27ft glass boats need the power of a big block, best of luck.

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    What about some of those new, lighter diesels like FNM? They make some big horsies with big torque available to push that glass monster up and out of the water...a bit.

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    If you are considering a gas motor, you may want to consider a Chevy instead of the Ford. Ford parts are becoming hard to get, especially the big blocks.

    Obviously, the best motor for torque and fuel economy is the diesel. But at a huge up front cost. If you use your boat a lot and/or plan to keep it forever, then go diesel. How much do you want to spend?

    Bravo outdrive and new motor plus repair work and a kicker to replace the 2nd engine. Boating sure is spendy.

    Just curious, why do you want just one engine instead of the two?

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    I have a 26 Tolly sedan with twin Chevy 305's married to 280 outdrives. To my knowledge, this was not a factory option in this era (mid-70s) but the original purchaser of my boat ordered it new with no power, then had the engines & drives installed locally. Most of these Tolly 26s had single big-blocks with a V-drive. Have you considered how you're going to rework your transom to "plug the holes" from two outdrives when you convert to a single?

    If I were going to repower, I think I'd look at the new Volvo V-6 gas engines. Fuel injected, electronic injection, more power, better economy, but still lots cheaper than diesel. To decide whether to keep your existing 280s, consider what kind of shape they're in and also whether the boat is correctly prop'ed. If it isn't, your options for new props are going to be limited by what will fit on those 280s. Depending on which shaft they have, you might not have many choices.

    As someone else pointed out, you'd better really love the boat and plan on keeping her for a good while before investing that kind of money, since you'll never get it back when you sell.
    "Money may not buy you happiness, but it will buy you a big enough boat that you can get close enough for a look."


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