I thought I'd run this one through for maybe a few that might get a few ideas from it. Just a few thoughts on moving dead moose. They seem to like to die head first in a gully, against a tree, or as we have all experienced.. in the water. If you have a wheeler, or 4 guys, not too much a problem.. but alone, or just two hunters it can be a battle. I carry a rope come along and 150 foot of low stretch 1/2 quick splice poly line.

Moose 2012 (2).jpg

This really isn't that bad, as it's deep enough he pretty much floats... trouble starts when the belly hits the beach.. see in pic the wake behind the moose.. he's moving pretty fast here... with about 15 pounds of pull

pulling moose.jpg

once the belly hits the rocks you'll need a dead head(can make one if none available).. hook up a rear leg.. apply come along operator(18 year old son I fed for years, getting some payback)

guess I cannot post more than two pics??.. will post other pics in next post