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Thread: Kelseys first deer

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    Default Kelseys first deer

    002.jpg005.jpgWe spotted a bunch of deer from the boat and quickly dropped anchor, deer were on both sides of the bay up about 200 feet and inland a ways. We didnt have radios so I decided to keep everyone together and hunt one side of the bay. Kelsey carried my Winchester mod 70 extreme weather in .270 topped with a Ziess rapid 600, her boyfriend had a 300, my son had his .270 and I carried my .340. First deer I spotted as we crested over the first hill was ranged at 345yds, I told Kels to set her rifle on my pack and get real comfortable and told the boys to get ready to back her up. I watched the deer with my binos and told her to wait for a broadside shot and use the cross hair below the main one, she shot and it was low, we could see the snow fly. She racked another round in and I told her to use the next cross hair, the deer walked our way and stood strait on and Kels asked if she should shot in the chest, I said yes! The deer jumped and we could hear the hit as she shot my reloaded .270, the deer walked down into some alders and the boys went after some deer that I ranged at 780yds, as we were gutting Kels deer we could hear some shooting, Kels and I dragged her deer to the raft and the boys carried thier deer out.

    Kels BF skinned the deer out and found this bullet in the rump, entrance was left shoulder, took out lungs as it passed thru entire body.
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    Congrats to Kelsey! Wow, a recovered TSX.

    I recovered a 150 gr Nosler Partition Gold shot from a .308 Win in a nice buck. Pretty much the same bullet trajectory and found bullet in the hind quarter.


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