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Thread: Coyotes know the game regs?

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    Default Coyotes know the game regs?

    Missed another yesterday on my way to the valley...( well not missed! Never fired!)

    Spotted one plating in the road dodging cars, I pulled over and watched where it went into the woods.. pulled the truck on by and pulled truck and trailer of f onto a side road..

    Stepped out with my calls and 3 seconds later here it COME! Dead run straight up the ditch at me...for 3 leaps...the it jumped back into the road and ran right down the yellow line at me.. and ..

    Sat down on the line, in the road, 10 yards from me..and just sat there looking at me...not a legal shot.....until a car came along and it ran up the road aways and off again...

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    Talk about a teaser! Holy moley, that dog is lucky he had an ethical hunter in front of him. So I assume, since you posted this only a bit ago, that your drive down went well and safe? Good to hear that. Hey, thanks for the input on my snowmobile project. She is done, running, and so far, has held together. Whoop! That boy of mine and I have a date today (-25) to go out and play w/ the machines a bit. I want to be sure there is no issue, then get it back inside for another look/see and adjustments if needed.

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    It's amazing how long a yote will hang around a road sometimes. I remember heading out north Kenai once and saw break lights coming on ahead of me, and stopped on coming traffic. As I approached I couldn't see anything so wondered what the heck was going on? Finally as I got to the car in my lane the traffic had started to move. I looked to my left and saw a Nice yote just standing there motionless. I happened to look and see a squished, and frozen to the asphalt bunny right inline with where the yote stood. He must have smelled that thing and was pretty hungry because all those cars rushing by didn't seem to be much of a deterrent.

    Did you happen to see anything dead on, or along side, the road?
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    we have to get together bud i will show you how to get it done


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