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Thread: trapping in Talkeetna area

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    Default trapping in Talkeetna area

    I have 10 acres of virgin property off the Talkeetna Spur road, about a mile off the road. Everyone I talk to gives me varied information on what species I can expect to find up there, so I am hoping you guys can help? I am between the railroad and the river and have never done anything with the property but my father in law (he traps in Michigan) has me finally convinced to try my hand at trapping there. My experience is limited to helping running a small trapline with my brother growing up, and when I go back to Michigan, helping my father in law with his Muskrat line.

    I know that unless I get someone more experienced to help, I am probably not going to make it happen this year, so this is more or less the kick off to planning. I just don't know what I can expect to find as far as species go. The terrain is flat and has medium to heavy tree coverage of mostly spruce and birch. The ground is covered in Devil's Club, and other medium height foliage. In the few times I have been on the property (owned it 3 years now), there are small game trails all over the place and tons of hare droppings. Based on that, I would assume lynx and / or fox but haven't seen any sign at all. Then again, I don't know what I am looking for other than trails.

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    once there's snow on the ground that will give you a good idea what is around, if you don't know what the tracks are take a picture with something next to it ( lighter, cell phone etc. ) for a size reference and post the pics on here and maybe we can help you identify them.

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    Get the little trapping reg book so you know when the season is open and closed. Look at all the species of furbearers. Without actually going to your 10 acres, it is possible you will have Marten, Mink, Otter, Lynx, Fox, Weasel, and even Wolf. Marten are easy to catch. Plenty of online info for trapping. You don't need a partner, just some traps, snares, and ambition.
    I would recommend visiting and reading the Wilderness Forum. There is enough info there to keep you busy reading for a couple days.
    If there is snow on the ground there then you shouldn't have much trouble seeing tracks and figuring out what is there and what you want to catch.
    There are other forum members posting pics on this forum. Read there thread. Maybe someone on this trapping forum would help you for a day.
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    Thanks for the link, I have been scouring their site and they have some good stuff there! I guess what I will do is go in with some Marten boxes this week and set them up and look for other sign.

    I will post pictures!

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    Default trapping in Talkeetna area

    In that area?

    Marten, fox, coyote, lynx and occasional wolverine.

    Cant speak to what the regs say for dates or limits, but I've seen them all on the spur.
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