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Thread: I need some advice.... pretty please!

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    Default I need some advice.... pretty please!

    First off, I'm moving up at the beginning of the year. But I'm not bringing all of my stuff with me until summer.
    I will have some free time in January and maybe February too. I know almost zero about ice fishing. I did go to lake of the woods Minnesota last year for eyes tho!
    I'm only bringing limited things with me in January.
    Question one... should I bring my quad? I don't have a sled!
    Question two... is there any reason my pop-up blind won't work for a shelter?
    What am I over looking?
    Oh I will be living in the palmer area.
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    depends what kind of quad it is and if you are going to do more ice fishing or more hunting. i spose a pop up blind would work . there are not pan fish or eyes up here so fishing is different.
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    You don't necessarily need a quad to ice fish in the Palmer area (I never use mine). A pop-up blind will work, as long as it has grommets to secure it to the ice with ice screws and guy lines. It gets windy in the valley!!!!!

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    Default I need some advice.... pretty please!

    Bring the quad. Especially this year we've got low snow conditions on many Valley lakes it'll be a lot easier than just trying to drive out on some of them.
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