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    Protect Your Camera Card from Corruption:
    No, we’re not suggesting that your camera card is canoodling with questionable company! Your digital camera card can become corrupted due to a number of issues, and if this happens, it can render your data unreadable. This means you may not be able to access the photographs or videos on the card. Here are a few causes of camera card corruption and how to make sure your favorite memories are protected:
    Impatience Brings Errors: Your digital camera media can be corrupted if the camera is turned off before the image is finished being written to the card. A similar error can occur is a camera card is removed from the camera or from a computer’s media drive before the data has finished writing. Make sure that the ‘read’ light is no longer flashing on your media drive and select the ‘Safely Eject Media’ option on your toolbar. You may then safely eject the card when prompted.
    Format Frequently: When a camera card is full and the images are transferred, many times people simply delete the images from the card and begin shooting again. A better option is to periodically reformat your card. Formatting your card erases all of the content and sets up a “clean slate” for your next picture taking session. Make sure to reformat your card at least a few times each year to keep it running at an optimum level. Verify that your data is backed up and then simply choose the ‘Format Card’ option in your camera settings menu.
    Dead Batteries Can Corrupt: If your digital camera ‘dies’ due to exhausted battery power, you can corrupt your digital camera card and possibly damage the card and the images stored on it. If the flashing red light is signaling that you are about to lose battery power, play it safe and power down. It’s better to protect the images you already have rather than continuing to push for one more shot, a strategy, which could cost you everything on the card.
    Keep Them Covered: It’s amazing how poorly we treat our digital media sometimes. We keep cards in our jacket or pants pockets, in our handbags, briefcases or in drawers, leaving them to be jostled and in contact with dust and other contaminants. It doesn’t take but a second to store your card soundly. Consider our selection of inexpensive quality card case options including anti-static and waterproof designs
    Recovering Corrupted Data: If you have a corrupted media card, you may still be able to recover some or all of your photos. Specialized data recovery software scans your media card byte by byte and has a high success rate of recovering photos from corrupt cards. In some cases even data can be recovered from cards that were accidentally formatted. If you find that your card is corrupted, immediately stop using it. If you use the card to take additional photos, you may permanently erase your images. Bring your media card in and we’ll be glad to help.

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    Good information and nice of you to offer it. Thank you.


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