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Thread: 450 Bushmaster Pros & cons please

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    Default 450 Bushmaster Pros & cons please

    I am seriously looking at buying the AR Version of the 450 Bushmaster for a close in gun for bears.

    Any pros & cons would help.

    Also What calibur would be compairible.

    RJ Simington

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    seen walmart carring them ars in 450
    Semper Fi!

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    I have a buddy who wound up with a bare AR lower...he has no interest in .223s but his eyes lit up when he heard about the 450 Bushmaster.

    It's rated at 2200fps for a 250gr, so it's roughly (very roughly) the equivalent of the modern 45-70 if you don't count the hottest versions.

    The version I shot was pretty neat but recoil was pretty stiff with a collapsible butt.

    Magazine capacity gets you 9 or 10 in something the length of a standard 20 rounder. I'm not sure I'd pack one for bears, I'm not really an AR fan. Modern versions are pretty good but I'm still packing old prejudices I guess. In all likelihood it's probably as good as anything else when it gets right down to it.
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    It seems to me that it is basically an autoloading 454 Casull. It doesn't get anywhere close to what the 45/70 can do when you get into normal, for 45/70, weight bullets. I'm always skeptical of Leverevolution bullets and that's what seems to be the most common factory load. If you handload better projectiles are available, but I'm unsure of feeding issues cropping up with flatnose bullets. The old Freedom Arms 260gr bullet would likely be a great one if you could get ahold of some.

    I don't know, some swear by it and some swear at it, have a buddy who killed a Delta bison with one shot with his. Seems it would certainly be a better choice than a 223 for bruins.


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