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    First off, my limit is set at $1500 with eye piece. I have used a $100 burris for over a decade and want something better for the goat and sheep. I am really tired of hoofing it steep country to see that it is 7/8 or a nanny. I think that the 65mm objective is appropriate for my needs.

    After some research, I have narrowed it down to the Zeiss Dialyt and the Kowa 664 (I think).

    The Zeiss may have more resale value(?) and better 'armor'.

    The Kowa has a 66mm objective with a 20-60x eye piece with fantastic reveiws. Yet costs a little more.

    Any opinion is appreciated.

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    I've had a Dialyt for 2 years...great scope for hunting. I wrote something of a review on it shortly after I got it.

    You can find demos on Cameraland for just under a grand. Stick it on a good tripod and you're still way under budget.
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    I bought the Kowa this past spring. After some testing I sent it back. For me the optics were ok at low magnification but once zoomed in, I couldn't hardly get my eye into the "sweet spot". After a Brooks trip with borrowed optics, I bought a used 65mm Swarovski on Ebay. I didn't get the greatest deal (but within your limit), the optics are pretty **** good, and it is waaay more forgiving to my eye. Plus I felt OK buying used as the waranty is for life and highly regarded.

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    Thanks for the input. I may have to try the Dialyt.

    I keep eyeballing the Swarovskis, but I have all ready stretched my budget from the Vortex Viper scopes to where I am at now


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