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Thread: Phantom Pro-Series calls

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    I have owned one for the last 4 years I think and haven't used it much. The only time that we had critters come in we were in thick brush we could never see them before they seen us we had a huge circle around us when we left. what i want to know is how many people have used them, should i lay it down for a foxpro, or is it just as good?

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    Not that I'm advocating for FoxPro, but yes FoxPro is better then the Phantom. Especially the newer units. I'm not sure I would fork over big cash for one as they are like computers now. This weeks hot model will be next weeks out dated older model. If you want one watch the forums or Ebay for a used or new one at a smoking deal. If you watch the boards you can usually get a smoking deal on one from the "Keep up with the Jones" type of guys that buy a new one every year, or from FP Field Staff who sell them off when they are getting the new ones.

    Theres also several other makers out there that are better then Phantom too (Just my opinion).
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