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Thread: Any Kodiak updates?

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    Default Any Kodiak updates?

    Thinking about making a whirlwind trip down to Larsen Bay after turkeyday. Anybody have any reports, deer sightings, snow conditions? Really want to get a fox but would hate to go down for just a fox, can't ever seem to hit the darn things.

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    I had all last week off but stayed close chasing fox, my ATV died so no going to Saltry like I wanted. I've been seeing deer here road side. As for snow, just a dusting down low that fell yest morn. Snow is building up higher tho and I've been seeing fresh tracks on the beaches where I was foxing. Can't tell ya about Larson tho.

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    was on the east side for two weeks, saw about 1/3rd the deer we normally see. GRASS IS OUTRAGEOUS THIS YEAR, can't see anything and there hasn't been enough snow to knock it down. Talked with a guy who went down past old harbor, same report on deer down there. they are either dead from winter or just can't see them with the grass up or both....
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