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Thread: Looking for some direction. Was humbled today (Paxson Lake)

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    Default Looking for some direction. Was humbled today (Paxson Lake)

    Alright, so my Alarm goes off at 0400 this morning... started getting ready for a run to Paxson Lake for my first attempt at lake trout with Duckslayer56. We eventually got out there, found out the campground isnt the place to go with a small car when there is a foot of snow on the road (several hours of un-stucking car). Eventually we drive farther down the road to where the lake comes real close to the road. Drilled 9 holes over the course of about 2 hours near the very north end of the lake. Saw one ice tent out there, but the wind was so heavy you couldn't tell where anyone else had fished. Jigged spoons both large and small, deep and shallow, soaked shrimp on jigs.... Nothing.

    First off, I'm a die hard catch and release advocate, so I'm not out to ruin anyone's fishing hole by over retention of slow growing trophy fish.

    But, we didn't catch anything, and I'm not sure if we were in the right area, or even providing the right offerings. Could anyone point me in the right direction? Either on here or PM would be awesome... Thanks in advance for any help! I'd love to catch a lake trout through the ice. Never had the opportunity to do so before.

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    dont kno temp there? But other lakes when its 20 below or colder i find fish at 50ft or more. The cold pushes them deep were its warmer

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    Be careful near the inlet of Paxon. Read the regs carefully; they're different for the area near the inlet. Also be very wary or the ice in the upper section of the lake. I've seen huge leads open up there mid-winter over the course of just a day.
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    I've heard about the inlets and outlets of the lake doing that... I dont think there is enough snow cover for it to open up yet (I assume the snow insulating the ice and flow makes it open). I used to run traps along a section of river that would be frozen solid one day, heavy snow over night, then the snow would insulate the ice enough to where it would open up or make the ice real thin. Fell through it once, lucky for me it was only 2-3 feet deep and I was wearing waders. Scary stuff. Thanks for the heads up!

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    First of all, do you have a flasher/fish finder?
    It's the most important piece of equipment in a lake trout fisherman's arsenal.

    Second, move around. Mobility is the key to finding active fish.
    My most productive lures are white tube jigs and airplane jigs (in chartreuse and black/white).
    Tip them with a chunk of herring.

    I like to start in 40' and work out to about 120' as I'm trying to locate some biters.

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    No flasher... I guess that is sort of the equivalent of shootin into the dark. I just looked at some online... $$$$$$!!!

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    i'll second the need for a flasher. Simply put you could have had fish around you all day today!!! Then the second part is definately mobility, I've drilled holes all day moving around trying to find fish. Sometimes you just need to relocate once you find them.

    Okay so now the second part of this, do you have the lake map with you? if not print this off,, it is not super detailed but it will give you a general idea, and you can start to mark up your own map.


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