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Thread: Foxpro spitfire questions

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    Default Foxpro spitfire questions

    I have a spitfire and love it. I want to add sounds and bought 25 that I want on the call. I am not really computer savvy and would like to know if anyone has done this with theirs and could walk me through or come by and show me how to set this up? Hopefully we can set something up.

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    First couple things you need is the cable, it is the same one that goes to a printer. Then Foxpro you have to get the program off Foxpros website to save the sounds on the caller and to upload the new sounds. I just moved sounds from one caller to another and the Foxpro uploading program seems to be backwards to me and I am not ver computer savy either. That maybe your problem, just play around with it because once you save both sets of sounds to your computer you won't loose them by inserting or changing the call order.


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