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Thread: Some Wooldridge History

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    Default Some Wooldridge History

    I just received my copy of Glen Wooldridges video and book ( I got both ) 1941 Rouge River Trip and The Rouge A RIVER TO RUN and yes the 1941 film now on DVD was shot in 1941 and get this... IN COLOR. Way to go Grandpa Glen. I wrote below on my own forum and C&P'd here, type with two fingers. Hope this is OK, it's a GREAT piece of History.

    The boys at have put together a DVD of running the Rouge River with Grandpa Glen Wooldridge from 1941, YES, filmed in 1941 in color.
    Now you talk about some river/boating history and one heck of a work out rowing the river, I was sweating just watching the DVD [ Where is my Jet Boat Glen? ]
    Good fishing, good hunting and good company man those were the days.
    There is also a Book, The Rogue A RIVER TO RUN, that I am starting to read. It's loaded with pictures.
    Ted Trueblood wrote the foreward in the book telling how Glen Wooldridge first ran the Rouge (120 miles) in 1915 and was still going in 1981. FYI, Glen built all of his own Boats and took some VERY famous people on some awesome trips.
    All I can say is ...
    What a Man and What a Life.
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