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Thread: Looking to buy Barnes Banded Solids .243/6mm

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    Default Looking to buy Barnes Banded Solids .243/6mm

    I had no idea that the ATF had outlawed these bullets because they have classified them as armor piercing rounds. I have been able to purchase them for the past few years at Three Bears but last week they ran out. I didn't find out about the ATF decision until then. If I had known, I would have bought up about 1000 rounds.

    If you have any of these banded solids in the .243/6mm caliber that you aren't planning on using I would very much like to purchase them from you. They only made them in a 75 grain.

    I have spent allot of time and effort working up the perfect predator load with these bullets and I would like it if I didn't have to start from scratch again with another brand.

    Thanks, 907

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    PM sent....
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