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Thread: Arctic Fox south of the Brooks Range

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    Default Arctic Fox south of the Brooks Range

    I did my monthly drive to and from Prudhoe this last weekend. I set a few traps south of the Brooks to check on my way back. At MP144, I picked up an arctic fox. Talked to the local bio today, and he said every few years a fox might get caught on the south side of the range, but this was the furthest south he had heard of one. Has anybody else seen them south of Coldfoot in the interior? Seems like this old boy was lost.

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    I seen one close to jim river 2 not too long ago

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    If you happen to catch another one, ill buy it off you.,,I'm looking for one to go a taxidermy project
    Quality Counts @ Dahlberg's Taxidermy

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    akguy, this might be the same fox. I got him right at Jim River 3, which is only a mile or so away.

    Hoyt, I sent you a pm.


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