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Thread: Whats a fair price?

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    Default Whats a fair price?

    1981 Grayling jet, 350, 21', new top and seats, quite a few upgrades, raised fishing deck, newer electronics, boat runs great. Not sure about this make of boat, but know they built strong. Thanks

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    Some more info might help: How old is the engine and how many hours are on it? What kind of jet does it have? How does the bottom of the boat look (dented much?). How are the floorboards looking? What, specifically, are the electronics? What kind of trailer does it have? How large is the inboard fuel tank(s)?

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    How do you know the boat runs great? Test drive it? There are certaintly great deals to be had with older boats but sooner or later they become serious money pits. If the motor is relatively new and the jet is a current model could be worth up to about $12K. If it has older mechanics, who knows? Your guess is as good as mine. Nothing wrong with trying to get a great deal on a really old boat (31 years +). But don't short change yourself by not keeping at least $5k in reserve for upkeep or repairs.

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    Thanks guys, here is what the boat has, I really appreciate your input!!! Buying is boat is complicated!!! This is the details of the boat.

    -Double axle Caulkins trailer. New tires last year. bearings are in great shape. Trailer brakes work great. All around good condition.
    -Motor is a Volvo 255B (Chevy 350)
    -New electronic ignition system ( PLUGS, WIRES, DISTRIBUTER, COIL)
    -New alternator this year
    -Two batteries-1 new last year and the other is 2 years old.
    -Rebuilt carb
    -New Carbon Seal on Shaft
    -Hummingbird GPS/Chartplotter/Depth finder. New last year.
    -New VHF Radio and antenna this year
    -3 stage Hamilton Jet
    -New top Done by Busters of Anchorage last year
    -New seats Done by Busters of Anchorage last year
    -Adjustable kicker plate.
    -100ft Rope 20ft Chain and Anchor
    -Two 45 gal fuel tanks
    -Homemade swimstep/cutting board
    -The heater works great.
    -New bilge pump this year.

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    get it appraised mike madar or silverstreak boats, there's others around, banks gonna need one if your getting a snowwolfe said, the spending never stops with boats

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    agree 100% with the appraisel. I know someone else asked already, but I didnt see an answer to how many hours are on the motor. Do you know if it has been rebuilt or if its a closed or open loop cooling system?

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    The ad says $11,000. I actually stopped and read the ad because I saw it as a potentially really good deal- as long as it runs well and the jet is pushes that hull well, that'd be my main concern. It's just big enough where you're going to want good performance. You'd have to put it in the water and run it to really know. Hopefully all the new parts are just a pro-maintenance owner (like many are) and not because of running problems or a desire for "more performance." If it runs good, I say heck yeah! You can't buy much for $11,000 (or make an offer) anyway, plus that boat should be very basic to work on.

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    If the hull and trailer are in good shape make the best deal you can but plan to repower in the future.
    When were the exhaust manifolds and risers replaced last? When was the heat exchanger(if there is one) replaced last?
    When was the water pump replaced last? When was the circulating pump replaced last?
    I would take a test run and have a infredred heat gun. Check the temps on all side of the manifolds, block and heat exchanger if there is one.
    My experience with older Volvo engines it is almost certain your will have to replace the manifods and risers.


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