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    i have one thats in aswome condition realy not bad at all and runs awsome but the only problem is the bulkhead is busted on bolth sides inbetween the primary and secondary clutch's. i trade some nice guns for this thing last year and the guy never told me he used a steel welder and put some tacks on it and ground it down and painted it. that being said id like to pay him a visit he did so well at hideing it no one seen it even the arctic cat shop and then a long ride and burnt 3 belts to notice it was broke i did test trash the thing before i bought it, i would rather know its gunna fall apart before i buy! and he got over 1500 in brand new guns and 200 cash i know i got ripped so bottom line is i want to fix it and dont wanna have to put in a new bulkhead as it looks like a project. has any one had any luck with similar problems? maybe a good welder? or maybe even some home built steel brackets to sandwich it? i can weld and own a welder just for steel.

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    It can be done. Pull the motor and fix it. Seen polaris sleds do this and helped fix one a few years back.

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    Anyone know if this is the same frame as a 93 580 EXT Mountain Cat?
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