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    Question valdez fishing

    I am going to Valdez May 7th for a few days for work. Where is a decent place to fish for rockfish and halibut closer than Montague/Hinchinbrook? Taking my boat and going shrimping everyday, just need fishing help on this side of the Sound.



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    I've never had a lot of sucess for either up in the arm so my advice would be to run out of there. If you don't want to run out to Hinchinbrook you can try around Bligh Island. On the other hand, if you want shrimp I'd stay closer to Valdez.

    How much running are you willing to do?

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    I can go out however far but I only have a 19ft boat. Don't care for the big water needed to get out to Hinchinbrook.

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    look for big reefs in 20-30 ft of water fish em at low tide like you'd work riprap for bass, bucktail jigs work pretty great.
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