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    well dont trust your front sight on it they fall out move around and so on. if you have or do own one you might know the accuracy problem its because your front sight does move in that polymer wich isnt even perfectly aligned itself. i love the gun so much so dont get confuzed on my thought but you have to get that front sight changed. the hard part of this is grabing your brain when your out shooting and finding what spot on your gun the sight needs to go on. i bought a hi-viz magnetic fiber kit with many fiber options and super glued down my own rifle style sights and oh man its fixed and one bad mo fo fiber is great. now im so happy to say all on this site have a brain mostly! just dont when that fish or critter gets away! SNAP **** it, that was my rod lol. i own 3 of them and all them lost the front sights just takeing spills in slippery duck land. yep mud will knock them off or move them

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    I thought about that gun until I held it, then read some reviews. Its ugly, rattles, and the slide release puts your hand and fingers right in the way. When you cycle the pump with the release it will smash fingers. But, it does sound like you are quite happy with it except the sights. Hope you enjoy it and kill birds!!

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    Why are u looking at the front sight...

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    Just take it off - you will hit more of what you are pointing at (never aim a shotgun)!!!


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