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Thread: Is the River outside Seward Jetboatable?

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    Default Is the River outside Seward Jetboatable?

    Do people run the river outside Seward, AK that the bridge crosses over and the highway parallels? Is it boatable with a 22' inboard or is it a jetskiff highly technical river.


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    Red face resurrection river

    Right now you would be hard pressed to go down it in an inner tube. Its an inch deep in front of the lodge on exit glacier road cause the glacier is not melting yet. In the middle of the Summer when the river is at its deepest you could run up it for fun or to try out a new boat. It would be a challenge to see how far you get. Most people dont as its shallow and braided, you would have to motor over from the harbor, and it is close to the road and resurrection trail for its entire length so you could get to any point along the river easier and cheaper than with a boat. but have fun! (there are no risky rapids, just shallow spots and further up deadfall)
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