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Thread: Description of alaska waterfowl club

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    Default Description of alaska waterfowl club

    The below is from a rather long email from Shaun, AWA President, describing in part what AWA is now and how it functions. Please read to get an idea of the club we are considering joining.

    Membership as of right now I believe is around 150 members. Mr. Wayne Johnson is one of the ďold guysĒ and is one of the 2-3 of the older crowd that is on board and wants to get things going in right direction, doing everything and anything he can. He has been in charge of keeping track of our membership, sending out mail to members about events, functions and news. He would be a better guy to answer this question, but this is what I know. Membership fees are $35 annually and are usually renewed when a spring banquet ticket is purchased for $65 per person or $120 per couple( Includes dinner and membership) With all of the banquets and events that go on in the hunting community ( DU multiple events, SCI, Turkey Federation, Rough Grouse Society, etc.) It seems the majority of the membership shows up for the banquet, has a good time and then you donít see or hear from them until the banquet next year. Again, with all of the other events itís very hard to plan an event and get attendance because almost everyone goes to the big DU event, a lot go to SCI or one of the other ones so they get overwhelmed or have to pick and choose between one or a couple (everyone is busy) All of this is not insurmountable but you have to have attraction! Last year for our banquet we had about 135 people and gave away about 20 guns! Good odds and you didnít have to spend a fortune for a chance to win. We have talked about giving membership cards but as of now your banquet stub is your membership card (kind of lame if you ask me, but hopefully will be changed next year)

    We meet every year at our banquet (the annual meeting) and we try to have 1 meeting a month. (Itís hard to schedule around everyoneís busy lives) Usually the same 8-10 people show up no matter if we send reminders to our registered members or not, so we schedule around those people schedules as best we can. Around banquet or event time we may have 1 or 2 meetings a week as needed or at least the banquet committee gets together.

    Membership is like I said around 150 or so. The ages vary from around 20-80 year olds. Children do not have to individually join, they typically donít attend the banquets but we have never said they canít come (itís a parental choice) but we do have quite a few youth items at the banquet parents bring home to the youth. For the past 2 years we have hosted our own annual youth shoot at Birchwood. We have youth prized and adult prizes and usually give away a whole bunch of Sportsmanís Warehouse gift cards and a few guns. (Everyone is invited to participate, adults and youth. We try to encourage a family atmosphere where dads/moms bring the kids to shoot together). We also send out invites to the Scholastic clays teams, AFG send out notices to you education programs etc. Turn outs have varied from excellent 50+ to not so good ( last year ) Seems when it gets warm enough to get out there and shoot we are competing with baseball, camping, fishing. This year the weather was amazing and I think people just had other things in mind and definitely baseball. Next year we made it a little earlier to avoid youth baseball and the regular summer activities may not be in full swing. I think itís the second Saturday in April. This year was in May.

    We currently have Pres, VP, and Treasurer and are looking for a Secretary. I believe there are 7 officers, some never show up and we should get some new or different one! This is why we need more dedicated people!!!!! It would be great if I could just know this stuff without having to think who dropped out and who took their People seem to get busy in life and burned out, then just stop coming until the spring banquet. Very discouraging. Not to mention it has stalled many of our plans and goals because we have to constantly re arrange club infrastructure.

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    These three post by Bud was gathered by us before the meeting to ensure everyone had a general impression of what AWA is well spark your interest in pursuing something else. I along with Bud welcome all of your thoughts and ideas in regards to the this project.

    We ask that you spend some time maybe writing down some notes, questions or just start thinking about what your stance would be in developing a club, joining or helping push AWA forward.

    I know I speak for Bud and myself in thanking you for your continued support.

    President of Alaska Waterfowl Assoc.
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