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    Hi guys I just got an ocean boat and I'm looking to start working it. I'm looking to do some kind of open entry commercial fishing.Not looking to make a bunch of money just have a good reason to get out and maybe pay for some of my expenses. I want to fish either seward or whittier . I've checked with the entry commissioner on what's open but its hard to know what hasn't been fished for years and what's not going to produce any fish. I'm just wondering what's a good fishery to start out in

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    The Prince William Sound shrimp fishery is open entry, but it is a tough one to make money in at first. You might also look at cod jigging. Get set up with a couple of jigging machines and you might do well. The price of cod has been good the past few years, so if you can find a productive spot, you might be on to something. I'm not sure on the season dates and permit requirements, though, so you'll have to do some digging.

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    May want to talk to ADF&G too. State waters near Seward fall under the Cook Inlet Managment area (Homer office) and Whittier would be PWS (Cordova office I think).
    Brian's advice on jigging is good, as start up costs are lower, and a guy can make some money at it.


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