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Thread: Thoughts on S&W Bodyguard .38

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    Default Thoughts on S&W Bodyguard .38

    Been doing a bit of research and think I have it narrowed down to the Smith for another carry gun.

    Can anyone give me any reason to pass on this and look at something else?

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    I bet that'd be quite a fine .38.

    I used to own one similar to that, except it shot .357 Mag, in addition to .38, and I valued that choice during the many years I owned it. I wish I'd never have sold it; what a fine handgun.

    If you don't want .357 capability, I'd pull the trigger on your .38 in a second.

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    I don't like the lazer, or the snub-nosed barrel, but that seems to be a personal thing with me.

    The gun certainly has the features that are popular nowadays. light weight, snubbie barrel, and lazer sight.

    If you want those, it's probably a good buy.

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    I own one very similar, what I like best is that I seem to always have it with me, which is the point of having a carry revolver.

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    The caliber is what it is, but it is dang easy to conceal in hotter weather. I have two, a snubbie model 10 that is a family handmedown, and a 642-2 I bought new.

    On the newer 642-2 I regulated my loads to the fixed sights, just a bit under the cutoff for .38Spc+P, or way up towards the top of the range for .38Spec, whichever way you prefer to think about it. If you are wanting something that hits close to point of aim and don't reload I would start with the less expensive commercial offerings labeled +P.

    I found on mine that when I took the grips off for cleaning the laser dot moved a couple or three inches at 5 yards, every time. Now that I have a load regulated to the sights I don't care...

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    Thanks for the responses guys.

    This one will be a crossover for the wife and myself...maybe even the eldest daughter if I thought she might need it. I did find some people were having frame cutting issues with the Ruger version so that wasn`t very reassuring to see. Smith has a good track record for fit and finish so that`s the way I`m leaning right now.

    As for the laser...I seriously doubt that it would get much use but it is frame mounted and inline with the barrel, has dual patterns, is adjustable for point of aim, and has auto-shut off so those are all a plus.

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    So I went ahead and picked up the Smith Bodyguard. Haven`t shot it yet so no impression there yet but can say the fit and finish is nice and fits larger hands as well as small. The laser is small but powerful and seems to point to just about the right spot out of the box. Looking forward to a range day. The ladies of the house (14, 17, and 37yrs old) have all been trained in it`s handling and are very happy to have a house gun that they can handle. The other 2 handguns are a bit big...G29 and Ruger SRH.

    I`ll report back with range findings when I make it down there.

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    Finally made it the range today with the new revolver. Considering it was darn cold still managed some good groups.

    The new revolver...

    Rested group with .38+P 110g Federal Hydrashocks...1.25" group @ 10 yards

    Non-rested group with .38+P 110g Federals...3" group @ 10 yards

    Did a bit of shooting with the Glock 29 to see if I could improve my standards a bit. Was shooting DT 200g best to date

    As for the first impression on the Smith I would say just about anyone can shoot it fairly well. This is my first small frame revolver so the fit was not like anything else I`ve used. Muzzle rise/flip was absolutely minimal and it does hit where it is aimed. On the fence about the laser though. I`ve never used laser sighting before and found it to be more of a distraction than a bonus. Overall, fit and finish is good, not great. The cylinder in it`s open position slightly touchs the lower frame which stops the cylinder from rotating freely...while not a big deal I wonder why it was overlooked in construction. The grip and trigger are good and has very little felt recoil even with a +P round. All in all pretty happy with it and can overlook everything else because of it`s out of the box accuracy. Price point is a bit steep but for a CCW that has enough power and slight size it`s a win and would quickly recommend it for someone looking for a carry gun.


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