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Thread: Kings in Fish Creek

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    Gotta a question here for the Juneauites. A good friend of mine, actually a c0-worker, asked me if I would ask on here if anyone knew when the Kings started making their way up into Fish Creek/Lake on Douglas Island. I try not to fish over there, scares me what they do to them fish over there, but he is genuinely interested in it so I thought I would try and find out for him.

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    mid june is my guess
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    Pond opened the 1st of June last year, fishable numbers mid June with the peak being the first couple of weeks in July. You are right that the Pond can be a less than great experience but if you want to put some fish in the freezer, and don't own a boat, then it's an option. I refuse to snag (legal in the Pond) but have had good success fishing roe under a float. Go early in the morning and be sure to take good bug dope or headnet.


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