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Thread: Becoming an Outdoors Woman???????

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    Default Becoming an Outdoors Woman???????

    My wife wants to attend the next "Becoming an Outdoors Woman" class. Does anybody have any experience with this? Ever attended? It sounds great but want to make sure its not a waste of time.

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    I'd send my wife, but she doesn't need it. She's pretty tough (although she now requires a tent heater!)

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    Default Sent mine....

    I've sent mine for the past 2 years. It was always the winter course, and she loved it. She'll attend 4 4 hour classes over 2 days time. The courses range from big game hunting, to dog mushing, to cooking. I believe my half will be doing this until she covers all the courses. Your wife could always call mine and they could talk about it.

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    Last year they initiated an outdoor woman program on Ft Wainwright for the spouses of all the deployed soldiers. From the feedback I got it was quite a success. A couple of my guys really wanted to teach some of the survival classes, but we were busy and in Greenland at the time.

    I personally believe that it is a VERY worthwhile experience, as it provides many different classes related to the "experience" of being out in the wild or just plain on the river fishing. In addition to the normal fly tying and fishing stuff, the ladies were taught how to build fires, emergency shelters, first aid, signaling and a slew of other things that most people just take for granted. The good thing about this course is that it puts the common sense check on a lot of things that "could" happen in the field.

    Lets face it, most people that do not have a lot of field experience (men and women alike) do not think of the ramifications of being 25 miles from the nearest HELP and what they would do should something bad happen. This program kind of gives them an eye opener (if they sign up for that particular seminar) and teaches them the basic ideas of overcoming adversity in the field. It is common sense based and pretty good for the ladies.

    I highly recommend it as money well spent.

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    There's no harm in letting her try it out. If you think that she's tough enough tell her so, but it won't hurt to learn the basics.

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    Default Becoming an Outdoors Woman?

    Didn't know they had those in AK. I'm attending here in New Mexico, even though I have hunted bear, elk, coyote, antelope. Just think there's things I need to learn. Go back to basics so to speak. Meet like minded women. Be told what I'm doing wrong by someone other than my husband. Certainly can't hurt.


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