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Thread: Advice on caribou hunt

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    Question Advice on caribou hunt

    Hey guys, I've searched the forum and archives and found a lot of great information about caribou hunting. I have one that I couldn't find the answer to regarding logistics.

    My buddy and I are flying in from Omaha and are hunting with Deltana Outfitters out of Happy Valley. We are trying to figure out whether to fly into Fairbanks and drive 400 miles or instead fly into Prudhoe Bay and either rent a truck or have the outfitter pick us up.

    We are concerned about weather being a factor in the drive as well as the possibility of getting done early (yes, I am an eternal optimist...) and making sure we have some way to process and store the meat (either ourselves or somewhere commercially). We plan to take it home with us and want to make sure we have the facilities to take proper care of it.

    Given that, what would you guys recommend? Fly into Fairbanks and drive to Happy Valley or fly into Prudhoe and either drive or be picked up?

    Thanks in advance for your input!


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    i'd fly into prudoe and have ralph pick you up. driving from fairbanks with a rental might not even happen, alot of places up that way won't let you rent cars and drive the haul road, its a bloody long 400 miles as well..not 400 miles in nebraska thats for sure! you might be able to get your meat proccessed in fairbanks and shipped back frozen and ready to go. some of the locals in that area in here should be able to point you in the right direction?
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