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Thread: Trapping reg question

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    Default Trapping reg question

    Just throwing this out there for hypothetical purposes. Personally I stick with spotlighting. So it's legal to use an artificial light.. It is also legal to use bait to trap.. It is also legal to use and electronic call.. And it's legal to use a firearm to harvest an animal under a trapping license.. So can you shoot animals that you called into a bait pile at night??

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    as far as i read the regs you can under a trapping license you could as adfg directly that is my plan this year.

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    that is my understanding as well that you can. ive asked the troopers lots of questions when i get checked about anything i have a question with and the typical answer to trapping regs. they are as laxed as they are lacking of info maybe thats why the limits are unlimited usualy it is a hard game nature is more of a regulation for the most part! i think thats why you can do most anything under a trapping license even if its as easy as shooting what you see. there are also people who make money on trapping not hunting wich adds to the whole deal just not many any more

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    Yes you can.


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