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    I would like some advice if anyone has some i dont realy care if i catch a shrew or a wolf just for the fun off takeing the lady out to show her how i trap shes never left the indoors tell met me and loves it all ice fishing is her fave warm shack coffee great food but she has a rare disability that did not allow her to walk, thankfuly after 15 years of serjury she walks but only fair and due tall of the surjuries she can not stay out in the cold long at all!! hour tops then the rest of the day is hell so sno go is kinda outa question i do have a old big truck can drive most trails in the winter if not limited on weight or size of trail wich is the biggest problem but i am realy looking for help on what areas maybe i can look for any good ideas help who knows maybe someone wont mind letting me know of a small spot i hope i got my situation explained and what im looking for all will help thanks i do live in big lake so areas close would be perferable

    ps for anyone who has read my post im very sorry of what looks like my illiteracy but im posting from my phone thats 5 years old and it dont work very well at all!

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    well you live in big lake try your back yard i know alot of weasels are out there.

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    that was my thought as i do have a lil land right next door that is not posted and i run my line not far from home just on a machine and a lil ways out but lots of critters i realy wish i knew the regs as of exactly were i live on takeing a black bear weve had a nice bore for about 4 weeks every night in the yard when we would let the dogs out he came in never shot him cuz dont wanna give up the fur and i have a neighbor whos a major ***** stoped showing up 6 nights ago though


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