Well do to the nature of construction in the winter, I have had a lot of time to fish this week, so, starting saturday I went camping with the only buddy of mine crazy enogh to go camping in the winter, and we fished all night at big lake and didn't catch a thing, went to church (still smelling like fish) came home ate some food and went back out on the lake, we each caught one, cooked them right on the lake, then took him home, went to bed worked a half day then went fishing again didn't catch anything, went to bed got up went fishing made a couple new holes and set a tip up at one and my pole at another and was walking back and forth between them, and comming back form my tip up I saw my pole go in the water, so i went to sportsmans and got some new stuff and went back out, nothing nothing nothing, then all of a sudden my tip up (in a new spot, in deep water) went up and I raced over there to see line spooling out like crazy, so I gave it a nice jerk to set the hook and started pulling, and I could tell it was a good fish, so i pulled i up and it was a 12 or 13 inch trout, I kept it, still had bait on my hook, and dropped it back down, soon as my jig went under the ice another fish slamed it, and we did that for about 2 minutes (4 or 5 fish) till they quit biting my jig, so I ran over and got my pole (with a tiny super flashy spoon thingy) and caught a few more with that, twas awesome sauce! kept the 5 biggest (excpet one small one cause it swallowed my hook) I figured 7 in 3 or 4 minutes wasn't to bad
By then my hands were numb and it was dark so I packed up and left.