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Thread: when to check your traps

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    Default when to check your traps

    when would you check your traps under differnent situations "amout of days between" and traveled area non traveled gotta keep others from checkin your traps! losts all 3 critters last year to others and checked every night about 7 pm just to find blood fur and small boot tracks as i wear a 13!

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    tough call really....a lots going to be dictated by length of line, distance traveled, type of sets run etc. In a high use area if you're checking every day its probably quite difficult to check more. Maybe use more drags trying to get your catch hide from view? Or set off the beatn path more? I check my close to home gear every other day sometimes every 3rd day. I'll go more if I have a lot of activity, or flat out pull if needed.

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    Default When to check

    In "high traffic" areas, I always try to check before weekends, as that is when most folks are outdoors and most apt to have theft occur. I find if I check on a Friday, my losses to hunters and hikers are minimized. Just what works best for me, but then I have the time to run lines 7 days a week. Also helps to vary your check days so thieves can't pattern your schedule.


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