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Thread: 6x45 (6mm-223) anybody shoot one?

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    Default 6x45 (6mm-223) anybody shoot one?

    The more I look at this cartridge, the more I admire the ability to shoot a cartridge with heavier bullets at a slow velocity. Seeing all the 100-115 grain bullet available, this would be one wind-bucking cartridge and easy on pelts I'd assume. Anybody shot a fox or lynx with one?

    Sierra makes a 90 grain fmj for dirt cheap.......oh the possibilities. Cheap brass, starting charges pushing bullets around 2,400 fps from carbine barrels, micro-length bolt rifles, ect........

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    I've shot the 6x45,6 TCU, 6x47,6 PPC,6 BR. The loading data your refrerring to is not exactly correct. The 6x45 was designed to be a 6mm bullet that was launched from an AR platform with just a barrel change, thus pressures are reduced. The ballistics/pressures on Hogdons reloading site will confirm this. Bolt guns can really improve on the numbers. I've never used any of them on fox. Coyotes have suffered significantly though; however pelt damage hasn't been of much concern. I use a 1-13" twist and bullets remain under 75 grains this allows for maximum velocities in 6 mm class rifles.
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    Yes Sir...I shoot an AR upper in 6x45 and love it. I shoot Sierra 85gr HPBT and it is very effective from bunnies to deer. Put it in the right spot and you're getting your knife bloody.

    I have a CZ 527 in .223 and it is going to become a 6x45 or .300 Blackout...not sure which....both are great rounds for what they are designed to do.,
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