Does anyone know a really good gunsmiths in Anchorage or the Valley who could work on a rare rifle for me? I have a complete operating rod for a reproduction MP44/STG44 that I need parts taken off of that are pinned/pressed in (gas piston; charging handle, and striker) and placed onto a new replacement section of operating rod so I can use the rifle again.

The original piece I am replacing was hardened too much and is brittle to where I've lost metal off of the bottom portion of it where it contacts the rifle's internals - no damage on the internal parts though. Some of these op rods have broken completely were the op rod makes contact with the bolt while its charging to load another round during live fire. I've seen pics of complete failures and it ain't pretty...

I was given one (and I will likely only get one) of these new replacement pcs. from the Germany company who made this rifle and this took me well over a year to get. Now that these reproduction rifles are selling for high dollar, I need someone competent to work on it. I also have an improved extractor and extractor spring I'd like to get installed.

Anyone? Thanks !!!