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Thread: History of Subsistence Fishing and Hunting on NPS Lands

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    Default History of Subsistence Fishing and Hunting on NPS Lands

    For what it is worth -I ran across this on-line book for anyone that is interested in doing some serious reading on the subject-
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    Default talented author

    Very well done. The author was particularly skilled at describing some of the more-poorly executed parts of Alaska's history; I like that he never once that I saw denigrated anyone based on what group they were part of.

    I learned a few things. One was that the US stated (when we were buying this land from Russia) that all natives that lived here then were "uncivilized". If I were native and living here then, I'd take some serious exception to that one. But my point here is that the author handled this and other issues very straightforwardly and frankly, with great talent.


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