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Thread: How many dekes?

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    Default How many dekes?

    I searched but didn't find any decisive answers.

    Generally, how many dekes are you guys using out on DL and Maude. Or anywhere for that matter.

    I'm not a big fan or setting tons of dekes. I usually have 2-4 dozen depending on how energetic I feel. I also have a Mojo, a jerk rig, and a bilge pump feeder I set if the mood hits me.

    How about you guys?


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    36 mixed decoys, sometimes I run all 5 mojos, sometimes only one, but on average I use 3, plus i run 2 jerk strings. Sometimes I will put out some confidence decoys such as my swans or floater geese.
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    Good question. Sounds like you have enough for where you want to hunt. I have seen guys using as little as 7 and as many as 150. the size of a spread is important..although it also has allot to do with what time of the year it is, early, late, colder temps, movement of birds to include migrations verses local birds as we see on the first month through mid of October. Donít forget about how they are flocking up as well. Smaller family groups, large community groups or scattered single pairs etc. So many factors if you get into the weeds of it all.

    There also has been a lot of discussion on color phase..early season and what they think works..verses later in the season after birds get their color. if you fly over DL or any lake at cannot tell what color the birds are..and really is another topic.

    I personally have used from 300 to 6 depending on the situation. I think it is important to not concentrate on how many you need..verses understanding what time of year it is, and what the birds are doing. Once you figure this out, it will make your spread more realistic and more attractive to the birds. Are they in tighter spreads..usually later when it gets cold verses looser spreads from early to about mid October here in AK. Decoy patterns or spreads are extremely important as well. if you have 4 are you going to set them, where are you going to put the hens verses the drakes..what about those 6 GW Teal you have..where do they go, pintails feed differently than mallards in regards to groups..teal usally always stay together and in the back of a larger group..(picking up what the larger birds kick up) lot to consider in placement. Widgeon are more aggresive on food then mallards..when you start mixing up species, it is important to know where you are going to place them to be attractive to the birds..what if you have 6 Golden Eyes..are you going to put them up front or form a string a little farther out..throw in some geese and it gets fun..

    You have plenty of decoys to experiment with for now. I would concentrate on using your jerk cord, debate on using your motion decoy (depending on the situation as well as feeder) so much needs to be taken into consideration prior to just throwing them out.

    You mentioned if the moods hits me...its not the mood..but what are the birds doing, where are you hunting, is the wind blowing, is the area heavily hunted in general and specifically that day?

    Got on little tangent here..but to just come out and say how many decoys do you normally use..bothers me. Incorporate what you need, not what your pocket book will allow you to buy, Dont worry what others are doing or using. Go with what you know.

    PM Me if you have specifics..but in should be good to go.
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    There is no definitive answer, other than the obvious - Set them where the ducks want to land anyway.
    No decoys in the right place is better than 100 in the wrong.
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    3 in the right place. Just my opinion. Duckdon


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