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    Looking for guidance, we went to an area today that was recommended by a friend, we walked in and found tracks on the river, we went up the river a ways and found more tracks. We found several tracks as well that were made in the fall--or were very old, but obviously were brown bear. So my question is this, what time of day is the best to hunt these great creatures, I am used to spot and stalk, but this area is thick, so it will be more like stand hunting. Can they be called in with a predator call? I understand why the brown bear come to the rivers during the summer--for fish, but why in the spring if there are no fish left there from the previous fall?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    In the spring they're out looking for carrion - scraps from winter killed animals, leftovers from other predators, remains of salmon carcasses from the previous year - anything to get in their belly, really. Once the grass starts growing they'll shift to plants, but that also happens first along the river banks down low. I'm no bear hunting guru, but I tend to see more bears late in the evening. I've seen them at all hours of the day, though, so there may be no go-to time. I'm sure others here could tell you their experiences and preferences, though.


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    as a guide i would say the best time for brown on tight...this ones free....daytime. yep thats it, set your watch and i'll garuntee thats when you'll see them. soon as you think you have a system figured out with bears, four will walk by and defy it. i know its a dumb answer but its true.
    i've seen very very few bears working rivers in the spring, unless you've got a heavy overwinter area for moose, then they'll probably be just crusing for old winter kill. spring and fall, i like above treeline the best, moss berries or crow berries will winter over and provide a great food source for early spring bears before the rest of the world greens up.
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