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    I made the mistake of losing the cover on a box of factory 7mm mag cartridges that I bought a long while ago. I have know way of knowing what kind of bullet it is. It looks like a nosler partition but I don't know for sure. It says WW Super on the headstamp but that doesn't tell me much and I don't recall ever buying winchester ammunition. Is there anyway of determining the bullet type and weight without pulling the bullet and weighing it?

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    If it is factory loaded ammo with a WW Super headstamp you may be able to narrow it down a bit- but you'll still have to pull a bullet. [I wouldn't mess around with unkown reloads] Pull the bullet, weigh it, and inspect it closely. Chances are that it will be listed in an older "WW Super" ammo catalog, pamphlet or magazine ad. An example... a WW Power Point bullet will have a "normal" looking, exposed lead tip and there will be several striations around the upper jacket just below the tip and have a flat, standard base. If it is a WW Pointed Soft Point or WW Soft Point they will have a "normal" looking, exposed lead tip without striations and have a flat, standard base. If it is a Nosler Partition there's a good chance it's a reload (read the above caveat!) A Nosler Partition will have a "normal" looking, exposed lead tip, will not have the striations in the upper jacket AND will show the exposed rear lead core at the bullet's base. If WW loaded other types of bullets during the "WW Super" era, identification will be a crapshoot. Also, a factory crimp is fairly easy to identify. My instincts are that if it is factory loaded and you can get a bullet weight- you'd be better off just shooting it as practice ammo- then start all over for big game ammo with current manufacturer known/better bullets.

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    Yeah, it must be some cheap ammo I bought a while back. It fits the description of a power point bullet with the striations below the lead tip. I was afraid it was some premium factory stuff that I paid top dollar for and would have felt guilty if I had used it for practice ammo. I will still pull it and weight if for sure.
    I have just got into reloading and I think that these will be a good bullets to compare my loads to.


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