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    Default pot pullers

    Does anyone have experience with both deweys "ace line hauler" ($580.00, powder coated alum. 100 lbs max) AND donaldsons or ak mining/div "king power puller" ($570.00, alum, 100 lbs max). sounds like they are both a little weak for pulling 5 pots, but would pull 2-3 easily. Are there any others that are comparably priced?

    what do you recomend?

    thanks guys!

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    My buddy has the Ace hauler and it seems to work just fine. We actually pulled all five pots on one line once. It made the unit grunt pretty heavily, but it did it. 2-3 pots work the best.

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    Default Just tried out my new puller

    I went with the Honda Gas puller for two reasons: No drain on my battery and I can use it on my skiff too. It's been great, I haul sets of 3 pots each, and it pulls them in so fast I have to keep it just a hair above idle in order to coil down the line. There is so much power that I'm not using, I'm confident it could haul in a string of 6 pots (legal here in SE) easily. Haven't heard much about the ace hauler.

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    All right boys i'm going to add my 2cents worth to this. If you ain't got a hydraulic or gas powered hauler here's what i would look into
    Made in the USA, a bit more than them toy haulers they sell here but i bet they are gonna pull a lot better and not burn out if you get hung up. A lot of the small boat lobstah'men use them back east. Take a look at'em.

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    Default Ace

    I have the Ace pot puller, and it works fine. 5 pts plus weights is about the maximum that it will pull. I have had it three years, and the main part is like new, but there is some paint flaking on the motor housing. Overall, I am happy with it, and would buy it again. It worked well this weekend, we neded up with 1005 shrimp total.


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    Default thanks

    thanks for your input guys-

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    Default Briggs

    I bought a Briggs and Stratton 3 h.p. with a 6-1 gear reduction off of EBay for $56, $86 shipped to Valdez. I bolted 2 pcs. of heavy aluminum pipe to the base and bolted 2 pcs. of larger dia. to the ledge on the side of the boat. I just pick the motor up, slide it in and am ready to go. On idle, It is moving about as fast as I would like to pull line off. Been fine so far. Just need to refine the pulley going over the side.

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    I have and Ace Line Hauler and would have to agree with others about its 3 pot maximum. The BIG advantage of the Ace for me is when I'm NOT pulling pots, it's compact and easy to store. With downriggers and everything else onboard, I like the fact it can be stowed in a small space. Getting the boat right over on top of where the pots are makes a huge difference in the amount of strain on the pot line. Don't start pulling pots from where you pick up the float. Motor "upstream" back over to where the pots are located and it will make pot pulling considerably easier.

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    Default Pot puller

    I just bought this one. I saw the link someone else had posted but it is still on my work bench and I have not hooked it up yet so I can't give any first hand knowledge. Do a search on pullers or shrimping that is how I found it. I sent a PM to the original poster but they never responded so I took a chance and bought it. I also put in the link to where I bought it. I have no affiliation to this product or business so I can't vouch for either but mine arrived and it looks ok.

    These guys also make pullers and I have one of their davits on my boat.
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    Default I have one

    Both I and AKbighorn each have this unit. It has worked great for both of us. Plenty of power and stores away very nice. Here is my previous psot:

    Good Chice
    You will like it. I run mine without the davit and straight off the side of the gunwale. Works great. Just wrap the rope as many times as you want around the sheave to create the amount of friction or slipage you like. I did mount my switch on the gunwale face so I could use my knee while I work the rope. Works good and do this with one person. I made a bracket so it sets on the gunwale and clips under to hold it in place. Flush mounted a female plug next to the switch and male plug on the wires for the puller. I take it all down and put under my seat when not in use. The switch was for a trolling motor and the wires were 8 guage.

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    Default Safe-T-Puller

    Has anyone used one of these? They make them in 100, 200, and 300 lb.

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    Thumbs up Powerwinch

    I bought a powerwinch from the same place "GunDog" has a link. I had a local welding shop build me a folding davit and got a open block from "BJ".
    I just came back from PWS (out for 4 days) great weather alittle cool but it was awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!! The powerwinch and davit setup worked great. I pull 3 on one string with no problems at all. Twice there was shrimp "pinned" on top of the pots by the water pressure, so I think they pull at a good speed. We did set the pots in a bay and came back the next day to see massive flows (1-5 acres in size) we were fortunate to find our bouy about a mile from where we had set it and everything was still in tact.

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    Default Safe-t-puller

    Take a look at these. They look like pretty good units, have excellent speed and simple installation. I'm looking locally at a 200lb unit that should have power to spare. Easy storage also.

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    The 'electro-dyne' and safe-t-pullers are pretty nice. Especially the electro-dyne motors.

    I'm not a fan of pulling with a capstan.

    My choice is still a hydraulic unit run by a small engine...

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    I don't really have room for a hydraulic unit and gas engine. I've got to fit everything in the cockpit. I'll probably take the plunge on the safe-t-puller. I'll post a comment when I've used it a few times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigJake View Post
    Take a look at these. They look like pretty good units, have excellent speed and simple installation. I'm looking locally at a 200lb unit that should have power to spare. Easy storage also.
    If you want a Safe-T-Puller in town, Marita Sea & Ski carries them (100lb & 200lb), I believe AK Mining and Diving as well and we are getting ours sometime in mid-May (Donalson Co., 100lb & 200lb 2-piece davit models).

    I talked to the owner of Safe-T-Puller and apparently he has a patent (or his company) on the rubber insert on the capstone. Also, Alaska trumps their state's shrimping as most of his pullers ship to Alaska. Pretty nice guy, swamped like hell though haha.

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    I'm looking at one here in Ketchikan. I haven't been able to catch the guy that knows a little about them. I think I want the model 1600 which has a 200 lb. capacity.

    Do you know anyone who uses one of these? I'd sure like to talk to someone who has first hand knowledge.


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