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    I replaced what I think is called a rectifier on my 1998 Polaris 6-wheeler. Worked fine for 2 days. Then the head lights burned out, tail light burned out and the hot grips and thumb warmer get to hot so I must be getting to much voltage. I no longer trust the local dealer in Soldotna to do reliable work so it looks like a trip to Anchorage is in my future. Anyone have any ideas as to what is causing this or know of any reliable ATV mechanics in the Kenai or Soldotna area ?

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    sounds like a bad voltage regulator.

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    I agree on the voltage regulator.

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    Unhappy rectifier/regulator

    My 1998 Polaris 6-wheeler has the rectier/voltage regulator built as one unit. That is what I replaced last year and it worked for 2 days. Maybe I have a short somewhere. I hate electrical problems. I don't know where to take it on the Kenai for repairs as I have not had good success with the dealers mechanics. It has been a good machine but right now I hate it. I should buy a new one!!!
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