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    Hey all,

    I've had some collapse of plans I had been making for months to hunt the northern end of Prince of Wales. That's the bad news. The good news is that it may be possible for me to get up to a forest service cabin on Admiralty island. This will be for next week (Nov 5 on). I've been researching like hell to find out info on POW, but consequently haven't been learning and know very little about hunting Admiralty. I'm looking at possibly cabins in either Gambier or Pybus bays.

    Any recommendations? I don't care at all about antlers, I just want to get a chance for my friend and I to shoot some deer (my friend has never before shot a deer); we'd be happy for some does. Is there a good chance of getting some deer on the ground at these places?

    Any input would be extremely appreciated! Thanks very much.

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    I have a friend that lives in Pybus bay, says there are a few deer left. People come over from Kake to hunt that area a lot. Maybe Gambier would be better as it is farther from a population location, far enough from Juneau, and Kake to have some deer left. With the snow they should be down on the beach and in the tall timber. That is where I got my last one.

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    Gambier should be good this time of year - we were planning on heading down there on the 8th, but our plans got changed. Good luck - hope your buddy gets his first deer.

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    Bring a big gun for big bears....

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    A doe bleat has been working well in the big timber up above the snow line. Find a hillside where you can see a ways, hold still and be ready to make a snapshot if you want a buck - the does are a little more curious. If you are concerned about bears (probably should be cautious) have you and your hunting partner face different directions so that nothing surprises you - antlered or not. If you want to stalk through the woods just go slow and quiet into the wind, if you are in a well populated spot and are sneaky enough you may have a good chance of seeing some deer before they see you. If there is a heavy snow in the next few days the beach at low tide, or just inside the woods along the beach might be a high traffic area. Have fun!


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