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    Looking for some advice. I want to pack up some stuff, hit the ferry to Haines and drive north, hitting all waterways between here and wherever I decide to turn around. I want to fish for everything I can. Greyling, Nothern Dollies, Bows, etc. I want to pitch a tent wherever I fish or sleep in the truck wherever I can. I would like to fish any waters (lakes, ponds, cricks, streams, rivers, etc). Money will not be an issue, I am not loaded, I just have the money to do this right and I want to. I can take up to two weeks to "get it done". I dont want to make this a "vacation" if you can understand that. It's "extreme" fishing if you will (alone, non-stop, inyourface fishing), kinda kin to sportfishing for Sablefish or Sturgeon fishing the Taku.

    First off, Any ideas on the best time of year to do this? I was thinking late August, but I may be wrong. I know the bears will be heavy then, but I think the weather may be most condusive then (not that rain will be limiting factor, but you know what I mean).

    Anyone have any favorites along the road (or roads, the route is not going to definite except for the gas stations) they wont mind sharing? I am definitly not opposed to hiking in and bears don't really bother me ( they do bother me in the "please dont kill me way" but not in the "do you mind if I gut my fish with my 6 inch claws right next to you way").

    Is there anything special I should do for fishing in Canada? I have heard rumor it's kinda hard to get a license in Canada, but not from anyone who has had one.

    Here's a good one, Should I tow my boat with me? What I really mean to ask is, Would you tow your boat with you? I have a 17'6" NorthRiver Bayhawk but do not know if there would be anywhere to use it up in the interior. I am sure there is but I need to ask.

    Lastly, I know all of this info is probably available in some book or online somewhere, but heres hoping people are like me and want to hook someone up on the trip of a lifetime with some local, done before, or loved info on some good places (not necessarily actual spots) to fish or camp.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    last week of july first week of august would be ideal I think, bring dry flies
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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