well I arrived in fairbanks in august and due to my non resident status until next year all my big game hunting opportunities unti next year are expired. The problem is I cant sit still. I was able to get out one day this year after caribou for the the one day it was open and unfortunatly had a nice swim in the chena river for the one day I was able to go after moose along chena hotsprings road. I was able to get a little more familiar with the area though. And have an awesome framed unfulfilled registration permit sitting in my man cave, but still the extreme itch to go hunting. My one succesfull hunt was six ptarmigan and a grouse out on the YTA. Since I cant hunt I thought I would help others haul. If anyone is in need of an extra back hauling meat or just an ear to chat at Im free to help. All I ask in return is a brain to pick. Ill be available most weekends and evenings just looking to go hunting and learn. The best way to prep for next year is learn allitle this year. Im in the faribanks area and willing to tag along if youll let me. Just PM me when and were and Ill be there.