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Thread: Browning Titanium Rifles

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    Default Browning Titanium Rifles

    Does anyone have one? How do they shoot? Any problems? etc. No one seems to carry them around Anchorage, was wondering if there was any particular reason. I want to buy a lightweight sheep rifle and at 11 oz. lighter than the Kimbers, I thought they would be worth looking into.


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    I nearly bought a 325WSM Ti,nicely balanced rifle that weighs 5.47lbs.But at the end of the day I chose a 338WM Montana over the 325 Ti & 325 Montana.

    One of the reasons I also went with the Montana is that I already have a A-bolt Stainless Stalker(308W,great rifle).
    This time I wanted something as close to a Model 70 as possible,CRF being the main reason I went with the Montana.

    So if you went the Ti you will have yourself a great lightweight rig that WILL feed any cal slicker than ferret *****.All A-bolts that I have had the pleasure to play with feed sweet.


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