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Thread: SportJet maintenance

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    Default SportJet maintenance

    I'm getting a carbed Mercury 210hp SportJet (Phantom SportJon). I've had outboard jets in the past, just wondering what kind of routine maintenance is required to keep this thing going good. I guess there's no zerks like on the oputboard jet pump; I used to grease that every time I took it out of the water. With the SportJet, I just have the lube changed when I get it winterized each year? Any other maintenance items that need regular checking? Other than spare plugs, any recommended parts to keep on hand?

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    Maintenance is about 6 small pages of block type letters in my manuel for the 175hp sportjet. Not to much for maintenance aside from changing lube in stator and drive housing, sparkplugs, and fuel filter at least once per year. Other items mentioned are even more basic like checking connections, cables, battery, fuel leaks, etc. Nothing you wouldn't have done on an outboard. If you don't have a manuel you can find them online for free.

    First time I went to purchase plugs, well lets just say they shouldn't be anymore expensive than typical plugs.

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    Here is a link to a great article about maintenance on the sportjet pump:

    This is from a forum started by a bunch of jetcraft/harbercraft owners, and it has a lot of info on Merc sportjets.

    I have a 2004 240hp sportjet (thats now for sale - upgrading to a larger boat) that has been trouble free. Enjoy the new boat!!


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