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Thread: Flushing an Outboard in Cold Temps

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    Default Flushing an Outboard in Cold Temps

    Does an outboard (Yamaha F225) drain effectively enough to prevent damage from freezing, if I were to flush it in cold weather?

    Do you guys flush your engines after your late season & mid-winter trips?

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    I always did my little 35hp zuki 2 stroker when I got home. I have a 90hp yami 4 stroker that I will also flush it after my winter trips, I have a connection at the sink in my garage so I will use warm water to flush it.

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    Default Re: Flushing an Outboard in Cold Temps

    I did my Honda 150's in December last year, used a long hose and hooked up to hot water in my laundry room. Let them flush for about 10 minutes and then fired them up on the ear muffs.

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