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Thread: Speaking of .30-06 - how about a lever gun?

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    Default Speaking of .30-06 - how about a lever gun?

    Seriously considering one of the Winchester model 95 replicas in .30-06 as a saddle gun/brush gun. Reciever sight or low-power scope for aiming.

    Anyone here used one? If so, how did you like it? Pros & cons?

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    Default 95 Winchester

    Do not have a repro 95 but can assure you they are one slick gun and well suited to saddle use. Most of my experience with the 95 is one I shoot in 35 Win. The 30-06 was mis-matched to the originals from the get go. They were much better in 30-40 Krag, 405 or 35 Win. With the current metal technologies there is no reason it wouldn't be super in the 06... plus they can handle spire point bullets. Two things took me a little getting used to about the 95 after so much time with the 94s and 86s. The magazine hanging down and the multi-linked lever/trigger. Looking past those two oddities....they are a very good lever gun!


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