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Thread: Kodiak-Anton Larsen Bay

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    Just curious how the fishing is in/around Anton Larsen Bay? Moved to Kodiak a few months ago and I am going to pick up aboat one of these days. Are there many halibut, rockfish out that way? Any info would be appreciated, thank you.

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    I heard kings were going good out there last weekend, figures as I was out in Chiniak. make the run to Whale Pass if you have th boat and weather. Be carefull on the road going over.

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    Thanks for the input, I dont currently have a boat on the island, looking to buy one. Is the halibut fishing good out there through the year? Is the better fishing within the bay or outside?

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    Don't know anything about Kodiak but wish I did! I do know you can learn a world of good things by hiring a charter and LISTENING first, maybe ask a few questions. I did that a few times before getting my own boat for PWS. I am not a charter guy, and don't know any, but I see Kodiak Combo on this forum, and he is and I think there may be others. They share an awful lot of info on the forum, and I think you might get even more when you charter them for a trip. Besides having a good time, and hopefully catching some fish, you can learn a lot...about boats as well as fishing. Good luck, take your time getting that boat and getting used to it before you take on any big water!


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