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    Default Wing breaking guide

    I apologize beforehand for stirring things up, but I haven't heard anything about the guy who allegedly broke the wings of two other planes last fall. This was mentioned briefly in the "Hunting guide sentenced" thread and didn't want to hijack it. Has this gone to trial or is it a dead issue? Just curious.

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    Default planes

    If I remember reading right, I believe the guides insurance paid for the damage. I think it was on the supercub forum. I'll have to search it.

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    Default re-read it

    Sounds like the two cubs that were hit got settlements for the guides insurance co. Sounds like they were happy with the settlement as they got almost brand new super cubs. Doesn't sound like any legal action was taken against the guide that did it though. The pictures are on Search wing bounce. It is pretty obvious that it was on purpose. Sad that the guide could get away with such a blatant act though.

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    This same guy buzzed our camp in the Chugach a few years back. We were in a very small valley and our tent was visible from the air, but he still came on in for a look. I let him have it on the handheld. Fortunately we did not have a supercub nearby to bounce on!!

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