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    Bought the Brutus plus 40 last spring. It held up really well with a lot of use this year. There was a bit of surface corrosion around the nut on the main block that I removed with a wire brush. Is there any maintenance I need to do other than washing with fresh water and storing dry? Is there anything to grease if I remove the block and/or pulley?

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    I haven't found any lube points on mine that aren't sealed, and I've had my pulley off. Speaking of sealed, watch the rubber boot where the power cord enters the motor. If water (fresh or salt) gets in there you can fry the motor.

    Like you, I rinse after each trip, dry it, then store out of the weather. It's been a great unit for me!
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    Except for the insides of the motor, I've had the thing apart. Nothing to service. You might consider putting some Corrosion X on the rusty parts.

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    I have had my Ace puller for 8 or 9 years now. Pretty much maintenance free for the most part. A couple of years ago the motor/gearbox started making a wierd clicking noise when pulling weight. At that time I ordered a new mechanical unit just to have a spare. This past april my wife and I were out in the Nellie Juan area with 5 pots down on 3 lines. After dinner I mounted the puller to pull pots in the evening. When mounted and plugged in I always turn on the switch to make sure it works. Sometimes have electrical contact issues with plug. Motor came on for a couple of seconds and then froze up. I could not get the stainless pulley wheel to turn at all.
    So, no problem, I will just change out motor and gear box unit with new one. Not so easy! After pulling off large stainless pulley, I found that the aluminum hub was frozen to the stainless steel shaft. With no vice or solid place to work we struggled with several ways to get it apart. Finally ended up destroying the gearbox trying to get in that way, which kind of worked. When we got the hub off we still could not remove unit from stand and davit due to a bearing race being still stuck to shaft which would not fit through hole in puller mount. Not able to remove the bearing, I ended up getting a rattail file in between shaft and aluminum plate. After about 30 minutes of filing to hog out hole it finaly relented. By the time I finally got it apart we were wore out and it was late at night. Next morning the new motor was installed in about 15 minutes.
    So my advice to all you Ace Line Hauler owners out there....check into a spare motor (sure beat having to go home and back again to retrieve pots later, or enlisting help from another boater). Also take the time to pull off hub before next season. Clean and put back together with a liberal dose of anti-seize. Make sure you get it into the groove and all over the Woodruff key.
    Having done this ahead of time myself would have saved me alot of work, time, and the lost shrimp pot pull that we missed that night. All the beating and banging drove off another boater at anchor in our area. Sorry!

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    One more thing I forgot to mention was the toggle switch. That rubber cover that comes from the factory is worthless. I ended up taking some very light aluminum and making a shrout over the switch and attaching with duct tape. I now have to reach my finger up into shroud to operate switch, but no water can get in there now. I think any amount of fresh or salt water in or on that bare switch would be asking for trouble in the future.


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