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Thread: Berkeley/ American Turbine jet Vs Hamiltons?

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    Default Berkeley/ American Turbine jet Vs Hamiltons?

    What is the big difference between the two jets in Alaska for use in rivers and ocean? I understand the basic fundamental differences on how they function just not sure what makes one more suitable for Alaska? I am mostly interested in one on a 22-24 foot aluminum jet weighing approx 3500 lbs with a small block Chevy or Ford powerplant.

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    From my experience owning both in the early/mid seventies; the Berkley was mainly designed as a fast boat jet and had a small intake grate area with bars far apart. The bars being far apart allowed rocks to suck up into the impeller. When you install a tighter grate in the Berkley, you lose performance. The Hamilton started out with a very large grate area with tighter bars which tended to pass enough water, without restricting flow. (Berkley faster; Hamilton better in rocks)


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